Traffic Hijacking Social Media

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For all businesses that sales suck, and who's marketing budgets are non existent.

Welcome to the first day in traffic club.. And more importantly welcome to the SearchFunnels® IES Method.




So easy you’ll be annoyed!

Simply put this is how to make sales from your social activity without coming across like a spammy A-hole and getting blocked from page and groups. This works on all social platforms and forums.

This will;

• Grow your audience

• Let you sell more stuff

• Make more profit

We need to make a deal first. You have to promise to do this daily for at least 30 minutes, ideally an hour for minimum 3 months. I [Paul] built an award winning brand and turned 7 figures from this so trust me it works.

And best of all its FREE!!!!

As above you have to do work and based on most businesses trying to get all their sales from social then sit back buttercup.

This is super simple.

Remember this works on: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Forums

This is super cool.

You can literally steal clients right out from under other peoples noses.

I did, do, will continue to.

Just be ethical…..

First up, IDENTIFY!

This is the boring part and where most fail, give up and do the general half arsed entrepreneur action of ‘can’t be arsed’. However this is the gold.

– Identify 3 main competitors

– Identify 3 to 5 groups where you prospects hang out

***your prospects are not other sellers in sellers business groups lol.

Protip: Aim for the competitors that have almost exact audiences and are more expensive than you.

Stage two, ENGAGE!

1. Got to you competitors groups and page and see who’s commenting most and engaging. Save their personal profiles to a spread sheet and follow and friend request them and start engaging in natural conversation.

2. On your competitors pages answer questions for people and DO NOT sell or add links, just engage.

3. Go into groups and take part in meaningful conversations.

Remember: Keep compiling your list of prospects to engage with.

They will check out your personal profile so it best be fucking slick leading people to your groups and pages.


Now that you have built up relationships with this people you have a right to get in their inbox.

Side note, many people by now are in your groups [where you best be selling] and on you pages.

However those most engaged you’ve earnt the right to drop a dm.

DM game is the same, build it up like foreplay and then….

….Business talk.

Most sales come from recommendations, testimonials, reviews or direct contact with seller AKA you.

A no today isn’t a no forever.

You will, if you maintain this process, have people knocking at your door over and over again when they are ready to spend.


IDENTIFY – Do your research, find where the competition find the prospects.

ENGAGE – Connect, talk, engage and move them naturally to your groups and pages.

STEALTH SELL – Get in the inbox

That simple for all you guys and girls that have dead groups, pages and crappy sales.

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