The Art Of Rapidly Creating Trust For Fast Traffic & Quick Sales

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Without trust no one buys your product, Shocker! Let's deep dive how you create rapid trust for your business.

Ok before we go deeper than the deepest ocean.

“What is trust?”

Trust is a firm belief in the RELIABILITY, or ability of someone or something.

So trust is a belief… You could say gut feeling, right?

Now let me tell you HOW you buy and pretty much 95% of humans.

You hear or see something [That’s KNOWING something].

You then become to LIKE it because it interests you. Then you TRUST it because you human gut feeling takes over and then you BUY.

Now what happens today with the availability of social media and the accessibility of targeting people with ads?

You’ve guessed it we skip out the LIKE/TRUST phase.

And no one buys, shocker!

Or you spend a tonne of cash on Ad spend, correct?

Pretty obvious right when you break it down like that?

So here is the basic model to sales:


And guess what?

The first 3 are branding.

See BRAND BUILDING is effectively building trust.

If no one trusts you then you don’t have a brand and more importantly you don’t make sales.

So how do you rapidly build trust.


You know what I mean, you go way out your way when you like someone.

So treat you customers/leads just the same


…Seeing them as cash cows.

This starts as soon as you first meet them on or offline.

HOWEVER; this happens before you meet them because your brand is what others say. AKA reputation.

You know how every fitness coach gives away a FREE training plan and it seems dull nowadays.

It is.


Because they use it as a net. Once you take the bait [hand over email] you get slammed with SELL, BUY my crap emails.

Email lists are great a you can make a tonne of cash from them but let me open you eyes to a different way to give away that free plan.

*That free plan can be anything in your brand.

That free plan is just a way to get someone to KNOW about you, thats it.

Now you have to be LIKED.

So find ways to contact the leads/customers directly.

Literally speak to them on a personal level.

You can’t do this with a physical product??????”

So you can’t have a Q&A on Twitter or facebook and have the responder as @paulsearchfunnels *for example


Just get people to #askpaul

You get it.

This is just one strategy

But what this does is make you become LIKED because now you are going beyond what all others in your space do.

Real life example:

When I launched my Mens Health Award Winning Supplement Brand we targeted Optimum Nutrition UK’s followers.


Because Optimum Nutrition never responded on Twitter to questions… So guess who dived in and answered.

Instantly being liked by their customers.

And when they came to our site and got a stack of training, diet and lifestyle advise and they started to TRUST us.

See we rapidly went from know to trust without once trying to sell.

AKA being a human thats kind and helpful.

I created a 7 figure turnover brand with only ever spending £500 on ad spend simply because I connected with the avatar.

So want to be TRUSTED fast.


Do the work others won’t do.

Add this into clever use of Ads then you are dynamite.

But that is my secret sauce.

Go connect

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