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Let’s keep this super simple so we can move you towards more traffic and sales faster. Searchfunnels® marketing consulting has just two focuses!


So let us explain what we do within Searchfunnels®

marketing consulting

First we deep dive into your website. We take a look at how it is performing both from a conversion and traffic perspective [the only important areas]. We then look at the best and fastest ways to optimize.

But let’s understand the traditional, the majority, model of creating a website or a business. The business needs a website so they hire a designer to build it. But guess what happens after build? No traffic! Problem website and no traffic. 

Myth Bust: You build it they will come! #fakenews

So what do we do? keep reading……

First we stop you from the dreaded gut punch called having to build it all again!

What is the most common issue we find with websites? They are not optimised for Search Engine traffic or conversion, they may have some traffic coming in but its not focused and conversion on site is dead at best.

we stop this and explode traffic and conversion.

So the first thing we do is optimise your website for mass traffic from Google and we do this by speaking googles language, we get Google excited. We then build you website out in such a way the browser struggles to not love your brand and buy

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The magic starts with Paul Booth and a 39 step deep dive to find the opportunities in fast growing markets, evaluating future potential moves and products, identifying the brands core customer base and getting under their skin to understand what disrupts their attention. Building out the brand voice, identity, values, behaviour and culture.


At SearchFunnels® we build sexy, high converting sites (A little secret the team build sites for Coca-Cola, McDonalds, BMW to name a few) to maximise sales revenue, lead generation and conversion. We speak Google’s language so we index faster and are set up for ranking strategies. And more importantly we build sites that look 7 figures.


The greatest brands on earth focus heavily on SEO [on-page and off-page optimisation]. Thomas Oxlee applies tried, tested and reverse engineered approaches to ensure your organic growth rapidly climbs up the google ranks. SEO is a mystical art that only a few can generate 100’s of millions for clients with, and the sole purpose is to make Data-Driven Decisions to generate mass traffic, create mass awareness and ultimately mass sales.

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